Friday, January 27, 2006


My favorite yarn in the whole wide world. NoRo Kureyon. I want to make a hat with it with a little flower on top. I have it all set up in my mind, but I don't want to start another project yet. Please knitting gods don't let me do it. Don't let me start another project. Posted by Picasa


need2b said...

You got my permission to start another project lol, just take it easy! No stress, nice little projy on the side!

Yeah, Charissa, that's the one I meant! I think it looks really great!

We have some in Holland, but since I'm quite useless with knittingneedles, I tend to stick to the cheaper kind for now.
One day I'll get my hands to cooperate and I'll be able to put my creativity in any project I chose....erm...I hope!
Maybe I should do a that's an idea! I'll google it now, see if they do any around my neighbourhood.

Thanx for the offer though!

Take care, Petra

LaURi* said...

I bought the same exact colour too from Grannys! Did you know that she was sick? but she did stop smoking!