Friday, January 27, 2006

Sick Again

Im friggin sick again. But this time its the flu. So for those of you who were wondering where I was last night. I came home from work at 3 with a 100.7 fever and I passed out on the couch. I was so tempted to come to SnB last night but I couldn't get off the couch. And Im still on the couch this morning. I've done lots of knitting in between taking tylenol and blowing my nose every two seconds. Im working on the cable sweater from vintage knits. I started on the front now and Im almost done with the sleeves. I cant wait to finish. I know I keep saying that, But it takes a while to knit on smaller needles. I was very tempted to get out and swing by grannys today to catch her sale but I sill have the chills. And if I did go, I want to go there with a pattern in mind, but then I was convincing myself that I don't need any yarn and to make due with what I have. I have to figure it out. I come to terms with myself that I have a yarn buying problem and I have no self control. Ahhhhh! Any way this was just a quick post wanted to let everyone know where I was and how im suffering with this Friggin flu, I hate being sick. The only thing good about being sick is you get to stay home and knit your ass off.


Dani said...

Awww man! I hate that you are sick! Hopefully by now you are feeling better?

Glad you had good knitting time though =)


Beney said...

yikes, you need anything??


Karen said...

Aww, sweetie...please feel better soon! ~Karen

need2b said...

You don't really know me, but left a comment here earlier. I hope you're feeling better now! And I just loooooooove the colors of that ...what's the name....erm....wool thingy :-) in that picture above. I love knitting, but more than a scarf for my cat for xmas I don't get. Can't seem to start or read the knitting guidance in a book I bought! lol, got lots of imagination, but somehow, my hands never cooperate!

Great that you can find such fun in doing something!

Keep up the good work!

Take care, Petra