Wednesday, February 22, 2006

This is for a post for Dani

">Dani is the best computer gal I know she changed my blog around. It really needed it, as I was surfing through everyone else's blog I was getting so mad because I knew I couldn't do it, because I don't know a thing about HTML. I shouldn't say can't do it, you can do anything you put your mind to. Yeah yeah I heard that so many times in my life.
But here's to Dani. She's the best.


Dani said...

Aw sweetie, you are more than welcome! I am so happy you like it!

And as for not knowing how, if you seriously think I could do even 1 of the things you do at work, you're crazy! Its a matter of being taught, or teaching yourself... when you have time we will sit down and show you!

Mary Carmen said...

Dani RULES!!!!!!!! The site looks awesome.

Maura said...

The blog looks great! I especially love the pics at the top. See you tomorrow, hopefully!


stephanie said...

WOW! the blog looks great!

ericah64 said...

Yes, Dani rocks like crazy! Love the new look! You need a new photo in your profile, though. You're standing in front of a tree or something, and it always looks like you just have this really humongous hair or a humongous hat on. It makes you look far less gorgeous than you do in your "real" pictures! ;->