Friday, February 24, 2006

May Vacation

It seems like our vacation plans in May are falling through, Im not sure that there is going to be as many people as it was in the beginning, Not sure what's going on. So I take it upon myself to drag Mark some where on the east coast instead of the west coast, Answer to any questions is I hate to fly, I don't mind where we go,But I do need a vacation and we are going in May I don't want to hear any if ands or butts because that's when I took off from work and that when we are going.
I had a long day and Im so hungry and tired. So after I eat something beside chocolate chip cookies, I will take a nap and blog back later to update all of you about the Linus blanket.
later Gator.

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Maura said...

My favorite places to go for vacation on the east coast are Cape May, New Jersey, which is relatively close, down to Florida (and I have driven there in one 24 hour period, but I really wouldn't recommend it) or up to Canada, either Montreal or Toronto. Hope you pick someplace good! I always love having something to look forward to.

See you on Thursday!