Sunday, February 05, 2006

Where in the world is the snow.

I am dyeing to see a 12 inch snow fall. I feel like we are stuck in the spring, this is BS. I have been working on this scarf for ever and it seems like im not going to be able to wear it because of the weather, I haven't been able to wear any of my scarves I made this winter, if Winter is what you want to call it. But I did hear that this week is going to be a little colder and Im almost done with it so I can't wait to throw it around my neck when Im done. I ran out of the purple colors, So I went to My favorite store AC Moore just a little while ago and got some more, It's the cheap sugar and cream stuff. And its cotton nice and soft, not hard and not itchy. I weaved in all the ends as I went along so it wont be so unbearable to do in the end. Mark was eying it already. I told him don't even think about it.
Im Starting work early tomorrow. I have to be there at 8 am, So I stayed home and Mark went to watch the Super Bowl over his friends house in miller place, I wasn't in the mood to watch the super bowl this year. I had no interest.
I didn't do much this weekend. so there is not much to report, Except for seeing my mom and my aunt in the Bronx on Friday, I had off from work and went down to visit and we went out for dinner, and it was a great. one my favorite places in the bronx . Italian of corse and the name of the place was Patricia's. When I use to live with my mom and dad I was there every weekend with my friends, don't know how I am not a million pounds from all the past nights of eating all the pasta and desert. But it was a great time, And I can wait to do it again. Have a great week every one.
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Dani said...

WHERE have you been - no replies to emails/voice mail - what's up with that?

MKBookWorks said...

No SNOW!! I mean that!! I have t get on a big plane to far away... NO SNOW! I am sorry C - but there can be no snow till we get home!

You can turn off the heat and put up the AC and pretend.. imagination is a good thing!! Really ! Hop eyou are feeling better - miss you at the knitting!