Friday, March 31, 2006

I can Finally finish

These two lovely balls of rowan calmer in kaki came yesterday from london that I won on ebay. the bid was over on sunday and at my door on thursday. mean while Ive been waiting over a month for someone else to get it in for me. Ahhhhh ! that just kills me and dani knows who im talking about. And to boot I got it for half the price. Ha !!!!Posted by Picasa

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Dani said...

You didnt tell me you got it at HALF THE PRICE to boot!! HOLY - good on you!!

Have to say, as much as I thought the hair was cute in the pic, it is EVEN CUTER in person. You look amazing Cee!

I posted a link to your shop today, I hope people see it and stop by there - the needles are SO cool! (and we all know how I feel abotu your stitch markers!!)