Sunday, April 02, 2006

Fitted tank off the needles.

Done. And on the body. But Im not wearing it today. Today I have to get my butt over to Charlie Browns for a Baby shower for a friend at work. It's really early so im very happy about that. It looks really nice out so far, don't know what im wearing yet I need to get on that. So i leave you now I will be back later. Maybe to show you some shower pictures If I remember to bring my camera this time. Posted by Picasa


Karen said...

I *told* you it would look great on you! Fantastic job, Cee!

Candice said...

looks HOT!!!

jen said...

holy crap that tank looks awesome on you!
holy crap that haircut looks FAB on you!

holy crap i can't stop saying holy crap!

stephanie said...

Gorgeous!!! and the new 'do is lovely.

LaURi* said...

Ooh Cee! Thats soo cute!
I miss you chicks!