Friday, March 10, 2006

Trekking Colorway 76

Some trekking for anyone's taste. I did tell Dani that I threw it in one of the cubby holes when I first started with it, But now it's back. I do like it a lot and I guess I didn't give it a chance to grow on me. It seems like everyone is working with it, so I just ordered more from the no shipping cost I think it's worth it. I bought 2 skeins. One in 100 and 110. Great colors. I can't wait till it gets here.
As of today so far it's been a great weekend. went to dinner with some great friends and had a bunch of laughs. I think the weather is getting everyone into spring fever. I cant wait till the summer, And Im not one to say this but I really can't wait till the flowers start blooming and every thing turns pretty again.
Have a great weekend everyone. Posted by Picasa

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Dani said...

haHA! I knew you'd be back to the trekking ;-)

What size needles are you using, just out of curiousity?