Friday, August 03, 2007

Where have I been..

So Ive been busy busy, I cant believe it's been this long. But I have been peeking at everyone else blogs when I get the chance late at night. The little one is growing so fast, I do want another one sooner than later. But I don't see it in the card any time soon. So the little one is sitting up on her own and not sleeping through the night she gets up and entertains herself in her crib and then falls back to sleep and does it again every 2-3 hours it's crazy it seems like she just napping throughout the night and im up all that time listening to her just in case she cry's I cant sleep while she is up, I am a zombie throughout the day because she only naps for 20 mins a clip so it give me no time to even shower, and I feel bad leaving her in her stationary play seat for a little while when I do things around the house and get myself ready to get the heck out of the house. But it's all worth it when I look at her little smile. She is really good when we take her out like in restaurants she just sits there and watches everything that goes on around her, we can go anywhere with her and not a peep. She will be 5 months on Saturday and don't ask me where the time went. I am having so much fun with her I love her so much I can eat her up.

I do have finished projects as you can see Im so happy that Im home and able to knock out few projects ive been knitting like crazy, I started a few things and actually finished them the dress came out so nice and I took a look at on the Debbie Bliss Baby knits for beginners And I got the itch to knit a few jacket for her. The green is for the collared jacket a very quick knit it's knit with an Aran weight. I used Calmer from rowan. I had extra and I figured I would use it for this pattern. So now that I updated all on whats going on I have to tend to the little one she just got up.


Gracie said...

Time flies, doesn't it?!

Check out www.thebabywearer dot com for a bunch of information on baby carriers - they are a lifesaver in trying to get things done (if you haven't discovered them already! ;))

wendy said...

I now envy those people who can nod off at a moments notice. You know the ones? They usually seem to be Grandpas. I wonder why. Anyway, I think it's great to get any amount of sleep It's been 12 years since I've been able to sleep the whole night through or to be able to sleep in late. I also wonder what is up with 3am...why 3am?
If only I had know when I was a lazy teenager. Oh, well maybe I can be a